Hurricane Irma Relief: How to Help Irma’s Caribbean Victims

hurricane irma

On August 30, 2017, Hurricane Irma formed just off the coast of Africa. A few days later on the September 05, 2017, Irma was a powerful 185 miles per hour monster wreaking havoc on the Caribbean.

When the rain and wind finally stopped, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saba, St. Maarten/ St. Martin, St. Thomas, The British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos and Cuba were left bruised, damaged and broken.

This will only be for a time.

In times like these, Caribbean people come together to assist those in need. We are no longer from separate islands, speaking different languages or celebrating cultures. We are one Caribbean operating as a single entity to help brothers and sisters to get back on their feet.

Many Caribbean countries have created Hurricane Irma relief funds to assist with the relief efforts due to the passage of Hurricane Irma. This post is dedicated to the many avenues that are available to assist our temporarily devastated islands.

Government Relief Information

If you want to assist in any way, please connect with the following organisations:


Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency: Website | Facebook

British Virgin Islands

Department of Disaster Management: Website | Facebook

Turks and Caicos

Department of Disaster Management and Agencies: Website | Facebook

Hurricane Irma Relief Funds and Donations

Please use one of the below methods to send donations to the Hurricane Irma victims:

Donating Money

CDEMA has set up an Emergency Assistance Fund. Please indicate that your donation is for the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund. Click here for the banking instructions.

Donating Food and Supplies

Please email for more information on how you can send supplies to the affected areas. You can also contact the local disaster agency in each country.

Donating Shelter

Some countries like Barbuda, are in need of shelter for their citizens. Please visit CDEMA’s Facebook page for specific details on how you can provide lodging for displaced people.

Sending Prayers and Well Wishes

Please post your prayers and well wishes on the Endless Caribbean Facebook page.

Unfortunately, trying times like these can also bring out the worst in people. Scammers do and will take advantage of the kindness of others by engaging in selfish and cruel acts that cause more harm to those in need.

Be wary of who you donate funds or supplies to. For your safety, and to ensure that your donation is received by those who need it the most, please contact the organisations listed in this post.

Please remember, that no donation or relief effort is too small and every little bit can and will help. Thank you for your concern, prayers and donations, as the Caribbean works to recover from Hurricane Irma.

Note: For immediate and up to date information on the Caribbean region, please follow CDEMA on Facebook. They are very active and have been posting the immediate needs of each island as requested by the individual disaster agencies.

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