fishing villages in the caribbean
Attractions | Caribbean

Quaint Fishing Towns in the Caribbean

Many of the fishing towns in the Caribbean have a certain intrigue that adds to the charisma of each destination. For many Caribbean people, the hustle and bustle of a fishing village is a way of life that has supported them for their entire lives. Fishing has supplied food, provided an avenue for businesses and […]

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art galleries and museums in haiti
Attractions | Haiti

Art Galleries and Museums in Haiti

The art galleries and museums in Haiti display the exciting culture of a country that is influenced by African, European and American experiences. Haitian art consists of sculptures, paintings and flag-making and is an important part of the culture and history of Haiti and the Caribbean. Because Haitian art is a unique opportunity to be immersed in […]

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the great blue hole in Belize
Attractions | Belize

Exploring the Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole in Belize could easily be described as one of the greatest wonders of the world. It one of the best marine habitats sites ever discovered and it is an experience of a lifetime. It was reportedly made famous by the late marine scientist Jacques Cousteau who visited the hole in 1972 […]

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