17 Movies Filmed in the Caribbean
Activities | Caribbean

17 Movies Filmed in the Caribbean

I never knew that so many movies were filmed in the Caribbean! It blesses my heart and excites me to see that everyone is on to the fabulousness of the Caribbean. If you’ve never been to the Caribbean, maybe you’ve visited whilst watching one of these films. A film will never give you the same […]

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bird watching in jamaica
Activities | Jamaica

Bird Watching in Jamaica

Jamaica is the land of wood and water, the reggae capital of the world and the home of ackee and saltfish. But many people do not know that bird watching in Jamaica is another past time that has quietly flown under the radar. Now, the secret is out. History of Bird Watching In Jamaica Bird […]

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cuban cigar factory tours
Activities | Cuba

Cuban Cigar Factory Tours

Cuban cigar factory tours are a must if you are travelling to Cuba for a Caribbean getaway. The Cuban cigar is a renowned and coveted souvenir that is made from tobacco leaves and historically rolled by hand. It consists of three parts – a filler, a binder and a wrapper. The filler is a bunch […]

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cayman islands golf courses
Activities | Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Golf Courses

What’s more enticing than a Caribbean getaway where you can relax and sip on freshly made pina coladas? For lovers of golf, golf clubs and golf tournaments, a vacation that’s planned to enjoy the Cayman Islands golf courses is a dream come true. There are only three golf courses in the Cayman Islands but they […]

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Calypso Charters Fleet - Day Boat Trips in Anguilla
Activities | Anguilla

Day Boat Trips in Anguilla: Calypso Charters

  There is nothing quite like a day boat trip that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a couple or by an adventurous single person. Day boat trips in Anguilla are extremely relaxing especially because you can indulge in a magnificent sail complete with a stunning blend of Anguilla scenery. Can you imagine visiting […]

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