Easter in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean is strongly rooted in deep religious faiths that recognize the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. At this time of year, several past times become the norm over a period that begins on the first day on Lent, and ends around the Easter Monday Bank Holiday. Although times have changed significantly, some of[…]

Brilliant Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean - St. Kitts

Brilliant Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

There is something exotic and sexy about black sand beaches – especially those that are on cool and breezy tropical islands. The sunny Caribbean destinations in this part of the world are well known for their white and pink sandy beaches. But do you know that there are several black sand beaches in the Caribbean that have memorable[…]

Handpicked Caribbean Deals

Save Big on Handpicked Caribbean Deals

Happy New Year! This is the year for your vacation getaway to the Caribbean! We’ve sourced some of the best Caribbean deals that you can use to make your island dreams come true. You may decide to visit one of the most popular destinations of Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Or you may choose to visit one of[…]

5 Luxury Resorts in St Barts

5 Luxury Resorts in St. Barts

Luxury resorts on the island of St. Barthelemy live up to the prestige that the island is known for. Caribbean travel connoisseurs will tell you that this small island is of the best Caribbean destinations to enjoy a Caribbean luxury vacation. This island, which is more popularly known as St. Barts, is an overseas territory which belongs to[…]